You might have heard the news about creepy clowns popping up in strange places in towns across the country. They are very disturbing to say the least.

None have been in Montana that I know of and probably for good reason. If any popped up in Yellowstone County they would probably be shot.

For the most part, they show up in the creepy places like the edge of a forest or a dark alley or parking garage. Their main purpose is to scare people which works well but I even heard of one report of a creepy clown with a gun.

I have yet to hear of police actually catching up with anyone portraying themselves as a creepy clown, but feel nature will take it's course soon enough.

All I can say to these individuals who think this is funny is you better stay out of the Treasure State.

With as many guns as there are in Montana, your chances of crossing the wrong person is very high. No one wants a devastating accident so please don't be an idiot.