Happy National Montana Day! We don't get a day off or have a parade. But May 3 is a day to celebrate everything we love about the state we call home.

If we look up, big sky country is there day or night. The northern lights dazzle and dance at night and during the day, an azure blue paints the dome above us. But, it’s also the Yellowstone region of the states known for the big sky, its geysers, hot springs, mountain views and the most entrances into the park. One thing is for sure when it comes to Montana is its people. Whether you’re seeking dinosaurs, the history of Blackfeet or Nez Pierce, a real working ranch, the people of Montana are as genuine as the land they live on. -National Day Calendar

See how many questions you can answer correctly on our Treasure State Trivia Quiz:

  1. What is the official Montana state gemstone?
  2. What is the official Montana state flower?
  3. What is Montana's official state fish?
  4. What is the official state fossil of Montana?
  5. What is Montana's official state tree?

Here are some of Montana's Hidden Treasures to explore on National Montana Day (courtesy of National Day Calendar):
Ringing Rocks of Montana – Whitehall
Bleu Horses – Three Forks
Our Lady of the Rockies – Butte
Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center – West Yellowstone
Anaconda Smelter Stack – Anaconda
Blackfoot Pathways – Lincoln

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1. Montana Agate
2. Bitterroot
3. Blackspotted Cutthroat Trout
4. Duck-billed Dinosaur
5. Ponderosa Pine

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