Those ramen noodles you know and love are about to change for the healthier.

Cup Noodles, which has been feeding people for 45 years, has announced it its altering its recipe.

In an attempt to make its offering healthier, the new and improved noodles will feature lower sodium, eliminate added MSG and replace artificial flavors with natural ones.

Nissin Foods, which makes the iconic food, says these are changes customers wanted. Al Multari, who serves as president of Nissin Foods USA, said, "We asked our consumers what changes they’d like to see in our Cup Noodles product. They told us that without sacrificing taste, the three most compelling changes we could make to our recipe were: lower sodium, no added MSG and no artificial flavors. This is exactly what we’ve been able to accomplish. Our consumers rely on Cup Noodles as a convenient, affordable and quality meal to help keep them going -- and now, they can feel even better about eating it."

Whether the new noodles will still be embraced by cash-strapped college students as they cram for midterms remains to be seen, though.

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