My dad passed away last year, and a lot of times I forget how many other lives he touched besides mine. He was a morning guy in Great Falls for the better part of 40 years. He was also lead singer in the most popular band in town. PLUS, he had his own syndicated radio show playing classic country music which is still on the air in 4 states.

He was a fantastic boss. As program director, he helped so many young on air folks get started and get better at the craft of being on the air. Always a kind word, and he was always listening. Because if your mistake was big enough, he'd call the studio.

He put the first internet radio station in Great Falls on. He was always thinking of how to grow listenership.

Our family never went out for a meal or even to the grocery store without somebody stopping us to talk to dad. Everybody knew him.

So, I ran across this picture yesterday on Facebook. (Thanks Jim Bender) and thought I'd share.

He's the reason I'm sitting here today. Miss him a lot.


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