Warning: You may find this video disturbing.

I don't normally share videos like this, but we have so many Montanans who work with cattle and I really want to hear their opinion on Fair Oaks Farms. Is this upsetting to you, or is this business as usual? I have no shame in being a carnivore, but the guys in this video look like disrespectful sociopaths.

To be clear, I eat meat and consume dairy.  I have never done anything that would classify me as an "animal rights activist", but this video is pretty hard to watch for me. I know that the fate of the animals we consume isn't pleasant, but there is no call for this unnecessary cruelty.

As the video explains, Fair Oaks Farms has a partnership with Coca Cola.  So what does Coca Cola say about this? You can read their response here, but at this point, the partnership stands.

The organization which produced this video, A.R.M., has a channel on Vimeo here.  I haven't watched any of their other videos so I can't call myself a supporter, but I can say that this particular video seems to be causing some changes in the way Fair Oak Farms operates.  You can read the Fair Oaks response here in which a cofounder says they are now installing cameras in areas where humans and animals interact that will be made available for public viewing.

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