I was reading an article from Dose in which it defined how others view your state. In most cases I agreed, but in some cases I sat back and wondered who they talked to when getting their information.

On their map, that had a big, fat EMPTY sign over Montana. I get it. We have a lot of big open areas verses some of the other sates in this nation. However, I will point some things out that doesn't make this statement completely accurate.

According to the United Stated Census Bureau, Montana has over a million people that live here. Idaho is not too far ahead of us while Wyoming is about half of that. Idaho is labeled Republican while Wyoming is also labeled Empty. We're closer in population to Idaho than Wyoming so shouldn't we all be labeled Empty?

I took four years off from radio and drive truck all over this country. Let me tell you that a majority of this country is empty. There are plenty of areas that have nothing in them and the only time I really came across population was when I ran into bigger cities.

About the only thing different between Montana and much of the rest of the country was we have more mountains. They have more mole hills than anything.

It just goes to show that everyone has an opinion and not everyone knows everything.

What do you think? Do you agree with what people say? How do you see Montana?

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