Being in the radio industry for 31 years I can honestly say I have had an interesting life.  I run into listeners that have been loyal to the stations since we signed on in 1988.

Over the years, you get so that you feel like you really know your listeners and coworkers, but I have learned there are many things that one doesn't know.

I thought it would be fun to share five things about myself that you may not know:

1: There are 11 kids in my family. I have five brothers and five sisters, I am No. 8 in the lineup. I am the tallest of the girls (at a whopping 5' 6") and, well, let's face it, I'm taller than most of my brothers too. Here are my brothers and sisters and me with my mom and my cousin to the far left kneeling at my dad's funeral this past December.

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2:  I have two tattoos.  I have one on my right ankle. It's a pink ribbon tattoo in honor of my sister Jeanne (below) who was diagnosed with breast cancer on her 42nd birthday.  Through all of the chemotherapy, sickness and losing her hair, she never once complained or ever said "why me." I'm glad to say she is a breast cancer survivor and my hero.  As for tattoo No. 2, you can't see it because of it's location so it shall remain a mystery. Let's just say I got it when I was 22 and feeling devilish.

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3:  I married my husband, Brett, seven months after we met.  I hired him to work for us at the radio stations. He asked me out for two months before I said yes. I only said yes because I lost a bet to him. It's like a stray dog, feed them once and they don't want to leave. We have two amazing kids, Triston and Bailey, and wewill celebrate out 17th wedding anniversary February 19th.  He always reminds me that we could have been in love 30 days earlier if I would have just said yes to going out with him the first time he asked.

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4:  I was voted the most likely to never get a driver's license by my driver's ed teacher.  You hit two old ladies in the driving simulator and everyone loses faith. Oh yeah, there was the time I ran the company van through the wall at Taco John's. Everyone is allowed a minor infraction, right?  But look who's laughing now.  I got my license (several years ago) and I passed it on the first try.

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5: I was once on the cover of a magazine.  After my friend the lovely Donna Miller was on the cover of the magazine, I always joked that if I ever made the cover of the Yellowstone Valley Women's Magazine I would be somebody.  Well. I guess I became somebody in October of 2011. I was originally approached about doing a segment called 10 questions and by the time came to do the interview I was the cover. Thanks to Jeremy and Haley Vannatta for giving me the honor to be a part of their magazine and Jennifer Molk for writing a great article.

Yellowstone Valley Women Magazine/Lovely Cutler