The other night I was at home with my family watching shows. At some point, I took out my phone to check up on on Facebook and that's when I saw it. The drunk post from the drunk guy.

A guy that I have known for a long time apparently had a little too much to drink that night. He was saying some things that I know he would never say on a social media site. The confirmation came a short while later when he posted a video of himself and it was not pretty.

I felt bad for the guy but at least he was at home and not driving.

I can't say that for another guy that thought drinking and social media would be a good idea.

An Ohio man actually took video of himself drinking while driving and posted it on Facebook which got him arrested. Police actually talked about how they like how social media is helping them with things like this.

Someone tipped off deputies about the video after it was posted Monday and the vehicle was stopped that afternoon south of Columbus.

It kind of reminds me of when people post bad statuses about their bosses that actually get them fired.

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