Don't Drink and What?
The other night I was at home with my family watching shows. At some point, I took out my phone to check up on on Facebook and that's when I saw it. The drunk post from the drunk guy.
A guy that I have known for a long time apparently had a little too much to drink that night...
Why Can't This Happen in Billings?
It's a battle at the pump constantly and even though things have eased up a bit, it is still a tough road.
When I was a kid I remember my parents filling up the family vehicle for $0.79 a gallon. Before my dad passed away, he talked about how gas prices were $0...
Ohio School Is Paying Students For Showing Up In Class
Teen truancy is a real problem for a lot of schools, but especially so for the Dohn Community High School in Cincinnati. It only has a 14% graduation rate and has been deemed an “academic emergency” by the state of Ohio.
So the school is trying out a novel approach: it&Clo…