I'm A Race Car Driver
I called Gary Stoppel, a guy who is a heck of a mechanic and has his own race car and asked him what it would cost to build a race car.
From the Emerald Isle to American
It sounds like a bad joke doesn't it?
The fact is that the four Irishmen are all part of the Irish Comedy Tour that's coming to the Alberta Bair Theater on Friday, March 8th at 7:30pm. This foursome creates the party atmosphere of a Dublin pub, complete with fiddle, guitar music and a whole…
Almost Quit Today
So, our computer that controls what actually goes out over the airwaves, went crazy today and wouldn't let me do things the regular way. So, I thought (jokingly) that I was just going to walk out the door and go work some place else.
I've got a problem though...

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