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In my opinion, if we want our free society to exist with liberty and capitalism at its core, we only have two chances left to save it. The Texas lawsuit getting to the Supreme Court and upholding Article II of the Constitution, or winning both Senate seats in the Georgia election. If neither happens, say bye-bye America as we know it. The Supreme Court would by their actions dismantle the Constitution's election laws letting rogue governors and judges decide election standards on their own, not state legislators. The majority in the Senate would end all roadblocks for Democrats to re-shape America. They will make sure that capitalism, conservatism, individual liberties, and freedoms that they oppose never resurface. Pack the court, eliminate the Electoral College, new states, eliminate the filibuster rule etc. They have succeeded in removing many of your freedoms already and this is just the start. And election rules are a huge part of their plan. Say a big prayer tonight, it may be the only card we have left. I'm sorry I wish I had better news but these are our last two big chances for the Republic to survive. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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