The Supreme Court must review the petitions filed by the Trump administration challenging the election results. Media monsters keep reiterating that there is no evidence. Wrong. In a court, eyewitnesses, sworn affidavits subject to perjury charges, video evidence, tape recordings, and official changes to the law made by individuals over article two of the constitution would all be constituted as evidence. They have lists of dead people who voted, the actual names: not legal. The question must be answered, what makes a vote legal? We thought we knew.

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We must make sure no Illegal votes are counted. And if Joe Biden's results hold up, then he is President. PERIOD. If there were illegalities, then the people responsible should be handcuffed and led out of the building for the public to see. If we do not legitimize this election, and instead enable laws to be twisted, bent, or not enforced, then all future elections are in jeopardy, and the U.S's integrity for corruption-free elections will be forever compromised. Have a great weekend and we'll see ya tonight for the flakes trip party at the Bighorn Resort.

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