I've flown many times in my life (I average a flight every 6 weeks or so) and have endured unshowered passengers, large people who had to have the armrest up and take part of my seat and little kids kicking the back of my seat.In all those flights I've never complained to those passengers or the flight crew... until Sunday night.

On a flight on Delta from Salt Lake to Billings the real life versions of Dumb and Dumber were sitting behind me. They were very loud talkers, cracked a bunch of very lame jokes and after the refreshment service purposely belched out loud. It almost seemed like I must have been on an episode of Punk'd with a camera trained on passengers nearby to see who would react first. I was annoyed but kept my cool... until the kid (17 or 18 years old) decided his empty Coke can would make a great drumstick and his tray table, attached to my seat, would make an appropriate drum. I let the first "drum" solo go. After the second one I whipped my head around and said "You want to stop!". Life is too short to put up with crap from idiots.

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