Dustin Lynch has done his share of interviews over the course of his career, but there probably wasn't a single one more awkward than his interview with WGNA radio personality Nick Kessler.

In defense of Kessler, he's really not this bad of an interviewer. In fact, he's doing everything he can to make Lynch as uncomfortable as possible. And in turn, just by watching this, you may feel the exact same way.

The exchange starts off by Kessler giving the "Seeing Red" singer pointers on how to introduce himself, as if he isn't used to doing that same thing every night he is on tour to thousands of fans. As the interview proceeds things continue to get worse, almost like a car crash that you can't turn away from.

"I really like your song, uhh, it escapes me right now," Kessler stutters from his notebook while an amused Lynch tries not to laugh. "'Mind Reader!' When you wrote that was that like literal? Did you know a woman who could read minds?"

The conversation then takes an abrupt, but hilarious, turn toward the topic of psychics. This is where we learn that Lynch has never visited one for the sole fact that he is afraid of them. Kessler then pretends to have an emotional breakdown, and we don't think Lynch knows exactly what to do.

We highly suggest watching the rest of the video to learn who Lynch is voting for in the upcoming election, how he feels about holiday albums and his favorite scary movies. But be prepared, your level of discomfort will be at risk.

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