In conjunction with the release of their self-titled debut album, country newcomers Edens Edge have partnered with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store to release ‘Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition.’ The special album copy will be sold exclusively through the retail chain starting June 12, meant to coincide with the release of the standard edition. 

“Growing up in small towns, we’re huge fans of home cooking and a family-style environment. Now that we’re on the road most of the year, we often find ourselves seated at Cracker Barrels across the country,” says band member Cherrill Green (quote via Webster & Associates). “It’s so exciting that one of our favorite places has asked us to be a part of their exclusive music program and give our mutual fans an extra helping of our favorite songs.”

Lead singer Hannah Blaylock shares similar feelings about the new partnership. “Our working with Cracker Barrel is a perfect fit. We started pickin’ and singing music with friends and family on front porches in our home state of Arkansas,” confesses the singer. “And they’re a lot like the front porches at Cracker Barrel stores that we see across the country. Every time we stop at a Cracker Barrel it feels like home to us!”

To spur excitement leading up to the album release, the restaurant and country store will distribute digital download cards at all locations (while supplies last). Each card is redeemable for one free download of the trio’s new radio single, ‘Too Good To Be True.’

“For those who aren’t as familiar with us, the song is a great sample of the ‘Edge’ side of Edens Edge,” sole male trio member Dean Berner says of the song. “Fans can definitely expect to see a lot of versatility with that country roots sound to connect them all on the ‘Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition.’”

The deluxe edition will feature three additional tracks not included on the standard album. The 13-song collection also features the project’s first single, ‘Amen,’ which landed Edens Edge their first Top 20 single last year.

‘Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Amen’ (Listen here)

2. ‘Swingin’ Door’

3. ‘Skinny Dippin”

4. ‘Too Good to Be True’ (Listen here)

5. ‘Last Supper’

6. ‘Feels So Real’

7. ‘Who Am I Drinking Tonight’

8. ‘Liar’

9. ‘Cherry Pie’

10. ‘Christ Alone’

11. ‘Roots’ (Deluxe Track)

12. ‘Little Bird’ (Deluxe Track)

13. ‘Wherever I Go’ (Deluxe Track)