Jake Owen's title track 'Days of Gold' off his forthcoming album of the same name is packed with whiskey and dirt roads, but that doesn't mean his entire record follows suit. In fact, the singer hopes to shake things up with a collection of songs that are less party-driven and full of meaning.

Although Owen has had great success with party anthems, it's not the direction he's hoping to move from here forward. "What I'm trying to do with this record is to not have songs that all sound the exactly alike," the singer tells Rolling Stone. "I've definitely had moments in my career where I've released songs that were not necessarily the most, you know, in-depth-written song, or maybe it was a party anthem. I wanted to start adding more validity to my music."

So, when Owen put together the track listing for 'Days of Gold,' he really focused on diversity -- '(We All Want) What We Ain't Got,' a ballad that makes listeners think instead of dance, is the perfect example. "We need more of those kinds of songs in [country music]," the rising star says.

"We need more songs than just songs about tailgates and fu-- cups and Bacardi and stuff like that. We need songs that get ourselves back to the format that made me love it ... [like] when guys like Randy Travis released songs like 'He Walked on Water' -- songs that meant something, man!"

A song that hits particularly close to home for the 32-year-old singer is 'Life of the Party.' It may be a catchy, radio-worthy hit, but the subject is anything but light. "[The song] is true to my life," Owen explains. "My dad went through cancer last year. I went and saw him, he'd lost 80 pounds and looked horrible. Meanwhile, I was still having to put on a smile every night and go out onstage and pretend like my life is the greatest thing ever."

'Days of Gold,' which will street Dec. 3, is poised to be Owen's greatest offering yet. It has 12 tracks, and fans have the chance to pre-order a special Target edition of his album with four bonus tracks here.

Jake Owen 'Days of Gold' Target Edition Bonus Tracks:

'After the Music’s Stopped'
'I Like You a Lot'
'Summer Jam' feat. Florida Georgia Line
'Surefire Feeling'


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