Hannah Blaylock of Edens Edge took a beach vacation last month, and now she’s decided to share the major highlight from it — she got engaged! Her boyfriend of three years, Justin, proposed at sunset as the two walked on a beach in Seacrest Beach, Fla., where they were vacationing with dear friends.

After about three days of vacation, Blaylock and her soon-to-be-fiance decided to take the romantic stroll. Little did she know, he had done some advance planning — including recording their conversation!

“So we are walking on the beach and we come upon some writing in the sand. All [of a] sudden while I’m reading it, I realize it says, ‘Will you be my wife?’ I look over at Justin, and he is on one knee asking me to marry him! I was so surprised and shocked!” she writes on her blog. “When we listened back to the audio recording my first words were ‘No WAY! NO WAY!’ Hahahahaha! He finally asked me again, and I remembered I actually had to answer him so I finally said, ‘Oh yeah! YES!’”

To say the proposal turned an already great vacation into a momentous one is no understatement, says the bride-to-be. The nightly conversations the group shared after they ate dinner each night took on a new significance for the happy couple.

“It really kicked in after the whole proposal happened. We would take turns going around the room talking about how we met our spouses, what we loved most about them, the little things they do that we love, the little things they do that drive us crazy, etc.,” she writes. “It was such a great way to start off mine and Justin’s first day of being engaged. We were completely surrounded by the love and support of our friends. I could not have dreamed up a better blessing.”

There are no firm wedding plans right now, but Blaylock promises to keep everyone posted.

We hope fans will join Taste of Country in wishing the newly engaged couple best wishes!

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