As a kid I wore the standard Halloween costumes made from materials that I'm sure would be banned today because they would either light on fire in a slightly warm room or give a rat toxic shock syndrome... which, come to think of it, might explain some of my personal issues :-).

I was Frankenstein, The Devil, A Die (singular of dice), a football player/clown (don't ask), a Genie in full turban etc. But the most embarrassing Halloween costume I was ever forced to wear by my mother was "A Little Prarie Flower". I was 3 and she cut large petals made of yellow and orange tissue paper which she glued to the sides of my face (with non-toxic glue from the mid-60's I'm sure), rubbed cigarette ashes on my face to make it look like dirt and dressed me all in green to emulate the flower stem. To this day even my daughter calls me "Little Prarie Flower". Thanks Mom, for the gift that keeps on giving!

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