Some nut job on the internet is claiming that the end of the world will begin this Saturday.  Sure... that sounds logical. 33 days from the solar eclipse. Remember when they said the world was going to end at at the end of the Mayan calendar a couple years ago? Yeah.  That didn't happen either.  I love a good conspiracy as much as the next guy, but come on!

So, this guy claims that the book of Revelations and the End Times will all start kicking off this weekend.  I guess that means we better stock up on rations, gold, guns and bullets. Or something like that. I grew up in church and from what I recall, no man knows the time when it all goes down.  If that's that case I'm booking my trip to Vegas today.  If you had 3 days to live, how would you spend it??

Not at work, that's for sure. :)


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