So, if you listen to our show, you'll already know about my list. It's a list of people that I want to see in concert before either they or I depart this world.

The act at number one for many years was Paul McCartney, But, I got to see him in Missoula a few years ago. And he has amazing. 3 hours of nothing but hits, played on a hot summer night when there was a little breeze to keep the temperature just right.

But, after I saw him, I needed a new number one. Bob Seger. Iconic. Personable. Could easily do three hours of hits. I'll be there. Singing along.

He actually had a song on the country charts back in 1982. "Shame On The Moon" didn't go to number one, but it was a good song. And now that I think about it, it's a LOT more country than what makes it to number one on country radio today.

Now, back to my list. If you're wondering why there are no country stars on it, it's simple. I have seen everybody in concert from that side that I have wanted to. I would have loved to see Glen Campbell or Don Williams one more time. But, now I have to find somebody else I'd like to see.

So, NOW, my list is Ringo Starr at #1. He's the other Beatle that's still alive and he's touring with his All Star band. At #2 now, I'd have to say The Eagles again. I've seen them 3 times before, but now that Glenn Frey is gone and they've got Vince Gill playing with them, I'd like to see that show one more time.


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