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I had the privilege of having a couple of meals from my home town favorites this past weekend. Pictured are two fabulous Fluffy Tacos from the El Comedor in Great Falls. I would've taken a picture of the Howards Pizza from Friday night but the kids had the boxes open and pizza devoured so fast that it just wasn't a Kodak Moment. I was only in town for about 40 hours so I didn't hit every restaurant that I wanted to. No ravilois from Borries. No pizza burger at the Bunker downtown. We've taken this poll on the air many times through the years and I can recall that Eugene's Pizza in Glasgow, and breakfast at Jersy Lilly's in Ingomar both got high marks. I went to Cincinnati once with Paul and everything he told me about the Skyline Chili Dog (three way) was all true. Very Yummy. I often hear of the many delicious menu items at The Edgar Bar. And Three North is much the same. They always get good reviews. Whenever I'm in a town that's got one of the Cheesecake Factory restaurants, I go there and get the blackened shrimp. Although I don't care for clam chowder,  Mo's Seafood & Chowder in Newport, Oregon has great clam chowder, according to everybody that I know that's been there. Anthony's at Spokane Falls had awesome food and valet parking, and prices to match, unfortunately. I could write an entire column just on wings but a couple of my favorites here in Billings are at Tiny's Tavern and the Grandstand. So, which great dining experiences am I missing? Enlighten me, please.

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