I ran across a story by one of our sister stations in Missoula about an elevator incident in the Missoula Public Library.

Since I ride an elevator 10 times every week, I always read those stories.

We actually see the elevator maintenance people here in our hotel quite a bit. And after working in this building for 32 years, I can only think of one instance of somebody getting trapped in one. And that was only briefly.

Credit: Cat Country 102.9 via YouTube
Credit: Cat Country 102.9 via YouTube

Five of the six elevators in this hotel will go to every floor. But not the express elevator. And the express elevator has a little tiny sign designating which one it is. This one doesn't go to every floor.

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And it's funny when Paul and I get on the express one and there are already people on it. People who don't know that they have boarded the express elevator.

So, I'll push one and we start moving. And without fail, one of the lost passengers will lean over and push a button that the express won't stop on. Then we will explain what's going on. And almost every guy we tell will say "OK" and change elevators when we get to the first floor. And almost every woman will hit those same buttons again. Because I'm in the habit of riding elevators just so I can lie to people, apparently.

Sometimes we'll pick up passengers from 21 or 20. I wanted to let you know that it's OK to talk to other folks that you're riding with. Because we work in a hotel, a lot of these folks are from out of town. And we've been able to point them to restaurants and tourist attractions.

We're friendly like that.

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