Montana is only home to one venomous snake and they come equipped with a built in alarm system.  Of course if you don't like snakes, you probably don't want any snakes in your yard, venomous or not.

My sister lives in South Carolina and she was having issues with Copperheads in her yard.  Those things are not only poisonous, but can be aggressive; definitely not a snake you want to encounter while walking barefoot through your backyard.  She bought a few of these fake owls and put them up along her fence line and they haven't seen a snake since.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But it certainly seems like the fake owls did their job.

Today I went for a weigh in at Billings Last Diet and saw one of these decoys facing some bushes and rocks (a nice spot for a snake apartment).  I asked one of the diet coaches if it worked, but she had always assumed it was just for decoration.  Still, she's never seen a snake there, so the jury is still out.

Have you tried one of these decoy owls to deter snakes or rodents?  Did it work?

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