I am one of millions who play fantasy football. My most expensive league costs $100.00. And I've been in one since 1990 that we still only charge 25 bucks to play in.

For most of us, the shame of not winning it all is enough motivation to pay attention all season and maybe try to make a few key trades along the way. Others are motivated by the money.

But, what about the losers? I'm not talking about the teams who just barely miss the playoffs. I'm talking about the team that takes DEAD last.

Here are some thoughts on that coach. One league makes that guy get a "Loser" tattoo designed by the other league members.

How about having the other coaches getting to name your team for the next season?

But I like this one the best. Beer "Fetcher". If you are the last place team in this scenario, you are responsible for the other guys cocktails for the next 12 months. That means serving beers at the draft. And every time you see any one of the other league members at any bar or restaurant all year long. I like this one a lot.