Apparently all is well part of "National Men Make Dinner Day" here in Montana.  We were curious on what types of meals your "manly man" can make, and here is what we found on Facebook.

Cheryl Rivera - My husband makes the BEST liver n onions!

Jennifer Hampton Ireton - Anything drive thru ;)

Kimberly Marraffino - My husband usually does most of the cooking, but he makes some of the best: chimichongas, steak and mushroom, white chili, and country fried steak. :-)

Christy Zimmerman - My husband makes breakfast almost every weekend, his bacon and eggs are the best!

Melani Roth Arneson - My husband is the BBQ King at our house. . . and he also makes a mean Venison Stroganoff!

Sarah Elizabeth Olson - Hamburger soup ;)

Jade Walter - My boyfriend makes the bestttt dinner! He loves to cook italian for me but anything he cooks is 110% good. The only thing he can't do is bake ! Hahah. I'm very lucky though!

John Ohs - This is N/A for me because I do most of the cooking anyway. My specialty is anything on the bbq.

Amanda Davis Hammond - My hubby makes the best lasagna!! It's so good we made it our Christmas Eve tradition :)

Zona Baier MacIntyre - My husband makes the best omelettes. Nothing like breakfast for dinner!

Monica Stricker - Don't have a man, but my son is a pretty good cook

Lura Versland Aisenbrey - My husband makes the best Dijon Shrimp with linguine. Awesome!

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