To do some research for this blog I googled "What Men Want For Valentine's Day" and I think every article must have been written by a woman. Some said men want flowers, chocolates and cuddly teddy bears. Really? Bizarre. Here is the definitive Top Ten list of what men want for Valentine's Day. My apologies if it seems chauvinist but it is NOT the top ten list of what men "should" want nor the "politically correct" top ten list of what men want, it's the actual top ten list of what most men want. Here goes:

10. Flowers and/or chocolates. Okay, okay I realize I just chastised female authors who said men like this stuff. Truth is we do... BUT notice it's way down at the bottom of the list. When we were first dating my wife brought me chocolate covered strawberries just because and it melted my heart. It wasn't even Valentine's Day. It was a touching gesture.

9. Back Rub. Who doesn't like a massage? At some specialty stores they sell those dice that you roll where one has the length of time and the other has the body part requiring attention. Can't go wrong here.

8. Watch him play sports with his buddies. This may seem like a nothing gift but how many times have you gone to watch your kids, your nieces or nephews or your friends kids soccer games? And how many times have you gone to see your husband play hoops or whatever sport he's into? Guys like to show off for their women... feed his ego a bit and he'll love you for it.

7. Say "stay out as long as you want, I won't wait up". This NEVER happens to husbands or boyfriends. Whenever we go out with our buddies we know we have a timer on us and if we stay out too late we'll hear about it. Taking away that responsibility once in awhile will let your man think he's "The Man" even though you're in control!

6. Give him a get out of jail free card! Yes, #6 is similar to #7 but it's more like a gift card. Print out a certificate that says "get out of jail free" that allows him to cash it in and avoid consequences the next time he does something insensitive like staying out too late, forgetting your birthday or making a mess.

5. Surprise him! As kids our parents would surprise us with a trip to Disneyland, a cool toy or our favorite meal. As adults we rarely receive such surprises. Pick him up from work and take him to his favorite lunch spot unannounced or whisk him away to some place special or an event. Us guys love surprises.

4. Tickets to a pro sporting event. I'm a huge fan of the St. Louis Rams and if my wife bought me tickets to a game I'd be ecstatic!

3. A big screen TV. Nuff' said.

2. A trip to Las Vegas (you can even come with)! It's not rocket science, guys love Vegas. Extra points if you arrange the trip with his buddies and let them go. I realize that kind of kills the romantic part of what Valentines Day is supposed to be BUT this is what guys want after all. Just sayin'.

1. Well, I really can't say what #1 is since this is a family blog but I guarantee you your man knows what it is and if you don't then your dense!

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