It's been 20 years since Martha Burk protested the all-male membership at The Augusta National golf course. In 2012 the club had its first female member. Hootie Johnson who was chairman at the time wrote a three-sentence reply to her that club matters were private and later wrote to the media that women joining the club would be on the clubs' timetable and "not at the point of a bayonet".

My question is why is it so bad that there are places only for women and only for men? Like the bathrooms; but that's a whole different discussion. Think about it, what's wrong for instance with an all women's health club? Maybe some women out there don't feel comfortable working out with men next to them.

Why can't men have a place where they can get together and women have a place where they can get together? If there is money or a profit in something, people will do it. We have women's basketball and men's basketball. We have salons for women and some barber shops for men. There are plenty of billionaire women who could open a golf club just for women and I don't think the men would be offended, plus there aren't many clubs that are men-only in the country anymore.

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I'm not opposed to anything that allows women with men and men with women but some places ought to be allowed to make that choice. A women's shelter for women and a men's shelter for men. When did we get to the point where men and women had a place to go just for them and now is viewed as discriminatory?

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