Some people think that the concept of etiquette is outmoded and irrelevant in most situations. Even as old-fashioned as I am, I would agree that the days of no one eating until the head of the household takes the first bite are pretty much over -- at least in the home setting.

There are, however, situations where it is important to know which fork to use and which way to pass the bread, and most of them involve a business setting.

For MSUB students who will be graduating before 2017, there is an opportunity to attend a five-course dinner, as well as meet potential employers who will also be attending.  The dinner is scheduled for November 12, and it should provide a great way to prevent students from making an ass of themselves at important dinners in the future.

To attend, students must RSVP to Advising and Career Services. There is a $20 deposit that will be refunded when you show up for the meal.

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