Thanks to everybody who donated during our radiothon to raise money for St V's Pediatric ICU. We are extremely fortunate to have a medical facility of this caliber in an area with as small of a population as we have. And now, here's what you missed this week:

  • My favorite member of the Monkees has died. Peter Tork passed on Thursday.
  • I'm going to buy an air fryer.
  • According to Paul, I will never have a can of beer hit its expiration date at my house.
  • Paul has almost as many cows as he does kids
  • I installed my own "sticky" window thermometer.
  • No price is too high for Sheryl Crow tickets. Even if she's just jumping on a trampoline.
  • And finally, ladies if you have a man who can tell a bunch of lame jokes about bees and THEN look after bees, marry him because he's a KEEPER!

Thanks for listening. Have a great weekend.

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