Dear Billings Gazette,

On my blog yesterday I was looking for some news on national chains that might be coming to Billings, and part of the comments turned to your organization.

And since you've turned off the ability for people to comment on your website, I thought I'd blog about the local paper today and give average people the opportunity to comment about what they think.

I'll start. Turn the "comments" back on. To state your opinions (which are slanted a specific direction) and then not allow people to respond is irresponsible.

Next, if you're going to dedicate your entire opinion page to one political view point with letters from people who don't even live in our state, at least do another page with the other point of view. That's journalism.

And by now, I'm sure that you are aware that your price is chasing many longtime subscribers away.

Feel free to comment below. We allow folks to do that.

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