Dear country music industry,

You're doing a lot of things wrong right now.

Let's start with Monday night at the CMT awards. You know, COUNTRY Music Television? Where you finally gave an award to George Strait?? You're reading this right: CMT finally gave a trophy to George. Freakin'. Strait.

And he won it for a performance of a song that wasn't even one of his.

That's not even the worst of the upset... the topper was that it's an award that they don't give out during the telecast. So you have an opportunity to have the king of country music on your program, but he just accepts the award via video call and doesn't help your ratings?

Both the Academy Of Country Music and the Country Music Association give out awards each year. They both hand out trophies for male and female vocalist, entertainer, single, song, etc. Essentially, they're doing the same thing twice. One of you needs to stop.

You can also take the country categories out of the Grammy Awards due to the winners that you've picked through the years.

Emmylou Harris has 13 Grammys. The Dixie Chicks have 12. Both of those totals are more Grammys than you'll find in the trophy cases of Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Dolly Parton, or Kenny Rogers. Seriously?

And I'm starting to get the Chris Stapleton thing. People love his voice. I'm just not used to the fact that he's winning all these awards without having hits on the radio. Somebody, please have him cut a couple of "radio-friendly" hits.

Thank you.


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