Everyone loves a good scare, wouldn't you agree? Well, we're not so sure these people would. In fact, it's possible they might all opt for the stairs in the future.

It looks like the old-school days when the Whoopee Cushion was considered a decent prank are long gone, because standing next to what recently happened in Brazil, the tiny bag of air appears as outdated as the handshake buzzer.

Perhaps the result of seeing one too many scary movies, this prank -- which required much planning, even placing a trap door inside an elevator -- succeeded in scaring the bejezzus out of every one of its subjects (i.e. the elevator riders). And if the video does anything, it proves that not only does everyone hold a high-pitched shriek when frightened, but also that ghostly little children coupled with an elevator is just about the freakiest thing we could imagine.

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