From time to time a co-worker will leave their Facebook page open in a common area. I remember coming into the studio and discovering that Mark Wilson from the Breakfast Flakes left his page open and if memory serves I just closed it without writing something funny as if I were him. Fortunately the one time I did the same he closed mine and refrained from posting something potentially hysterical yet embarrassing.

Years ago however, when I was the Program Director of a radio station in Edmonton, Canada, my staff got a hold of my page and apparently I promised them all a pony and declared they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. While I did leave Mark's page alone I have punked other co-workers by making it look like they thought the sun rose and set on my behind.

Sometimes though, the Facebook pranks can get out of hand. Google Facebook pranks and you'll see what I mean. You can propose marriage for them, quit their job or even reveal their personal hygiene habits... as them on Facebook. Those are actually pretty tame compared to what some people really do.

So I found out today another co-worker feels like a pretty pretty girl... and he wants a pony. Who knew?