I feel so sorry for single moms out there. We had a message this morning from a woman who was desperately seeking help for her son who is 16 years old. She is so worried about him and has nowhere to turn.

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Imagine what many of these women go through with no father figure in their young man's life. Most can't do it alone but many have no options. Trying to navigate work and family at the same time.

Many of these puke men have left the family unit or do not bear any of the burdens, no matter if it's financial or take responsibility for raising their own child. Breed and run. It happens so often in this country and leads to so many other problems.

Credit: Getty Stock/ThinkStock
Credit: Getty Stock/ThinkStock

Gangs across the country look for young men who have no direction or guidance then recruit them into a self-destructive life.

These single moms love their children like everyone else.

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