Wow, what a storm!

And I'm not talking about the one that is going to hit eastern Montana and western North Dakota this weekend.

I'm talking about the one that we got this morning after I told people yesterday that I don't like to stop in Glendive when I go that direction. Holy crap; people called me every name in the book. We received so many Facebook comments, emails, and messages over it.

It may come as a surprise to you that I don't only dislike Glendive. If I dare: I don't like to stop in Butte or on Reserve Street in Missoula either. Another place that I think is dumpy is Casper. And I really don't like Spokane either.

Here's a kicker though, I kind of enjoy the drive through North Dakota but plenty of people say they hate it.

So maybe Monday we'll hear from all the people in those towns I've now admitted I don't like too that think I need to get the hell out of Montana with these opinions.

You folks can also tell us the one town or place that you will absolutely try to avoid when traveling. Whether they just don't have what you want or it's a problem navigating through it or it's just plain boring.

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Next on Farmer Finishers for the week, you may want to listen to today's podcast from the early a.m. I refute the argument we got through the app chats yesterday about why recreational dope should be legal since alcohol is.

Wait till you hear all the problems that both have created for our country and society. You'll be amazed at the numbers, then let me know if you still think we need to recreationalize another drug. Then more drugs after that that we can use for fun.

Pray for good precipitation this weekend, I know I will, and if you get stuck in the blizzard while heading east this weekend... May I suggest you stop and get a room in Glendive? You'll have so much fun your weekend will fly by.

See ya Monday at 5 a.m.

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