Do you have a business?  It doesn't matter how big or how small your business is, having a website is important.

As someone who sells websites for a living, I've heard just about every reason why someone shouldn't have a website and almost every reason someone should have a website.

Here is why you should have a website.

1:  Google.  When you are looking for something, what do you do? You google it.  If you don't have a website then google can't let someone know who is looking for your services that you are an option.

2:  Your website should be a online storefront for you, meaning that when I look at your website, I should get an overview of what I can expect in your store.

3:  Be mobile friendly (mobile optimized).  In the on the move world we live in today, 90 percent of us live on our smartphones and devices.  If I'm looking for a service and I land on your website and I have to spend time pinching and moving your site around to read it and find a contact ino, I'm gone.  Being mobile friendly is an absolute must in today's world.

4: SEO (search engine optimization)  SEO helps you rank higher on google so when I'm looking for  service you provide, you can be an option for me to call.  Being on the first page of google is so important.  Being found for the services you provide will make you a more relevant option for me when I'm searching for that type of services.

Do you need a website?  I can help!

We specialize in advertising, live events and websites for small businesses.

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