In advance of the release of his Underground EP, Kip Moore has shared one of its tracks, "My Kind."

Written by Moore, Erik Dylan and Justin Weaver, "My Kind" will be the second track on Underground. The song will serve well as an accompaniment to Moore's recent single "I'm to Blame;" both tunes find Moore ruminating on his "rough around the edges" image, though as "My Kind" points out, "We take kind to strangers 'til they don't take kind to us."

"My kind bleeds a little blue around the collar / My kind knows how roll a little smoke / My kind knows about a hard-earned dollar / We drink Jack straight, no Coke," Moore sings at the beginning of "My Kind." In the song's chorus, he explains, "Ain't no need to get a little rowdy / Settle down, we'll have a good time / I'll make you a promise: If you're lookin' for trouble to find / You're gonna get it from me and my kind."

Set for release on Oct. 28, Moore’s Underground EP contains five tracks -- all co-written by Moore -- inspired by life on the road. The singer notes that he’s been working on a new LP, “which looks to be coming out in late spring,” but the five songs on Underground are “completely separate” from that project.

“The problem I often face is leaving behind some songs, because I never stop writing. I write so many that some never see the light of day,” Moore says in the press release. “Everywhere we go, the fans keep asking for the recordings of these underground songs that they’ve been hearing for the last few years. They’re a passionate fan base, so I decided to ask my label if I could record these songs live and give them the raw recordings.”

Underground is available for pre-order on iTunes. Moore recently launched his headlining 2016 Me and My Kind Tour; the 18-show trek will last through early December.

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