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For years when I'm out in public, I'd get the occasional " Hey, you guys need to talk about..." followed by whatever topic they were all revved up about at that particular time. Now with us posting something here every day, I've gotten a few here too.

But I've decided to keep things light. My picture is of an instrument that was a promotional item sent out by the marketing department at Diet Coke. I have no idea if its got an official name or just goes by "CD Cellophane Slicer" or, as I called it when I couldn't find it, "CD slicer thingy."

I'm sad to admit that I've probably purchased my last CD. So, I guess I can finally toss this and have that much more room in my junk drawer.

I might have to dive back into that particular drawer and see what else that I've hoarded all these years. And that's just ONE of my two junk drawers in the kitchen. The other one is mainly where I keep the playing cards, the "good" pens, the "good" scissors, tape measure, push pins and all of the change that I'm too lazy to put in my change jar.

As I start to think about the contents of Junk Drawer #2, that appears to be my "Whatever" drawer. That being said, I can always find what I'm looking for in there. Not sure why, but that's how it seems.

As I think about it, I have several drawers full of items that I probably won't use often or ever around the house. In my bedroom, I have an expensive-HDMI-Cables-that-I-bought-in-a-big-package-when-they-were-on-sale-at-Costco drawer. Nothing else in the drawer. Just cables.

It's located right next to the drawer that holds all of my dark socks for weddings and funerals. They sit next to my tie. Yep, just one. I hope I never have to wear it again.

After rereading this post, I think it's time for some of my priceless junk.

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