I had driven past this house in downtown Billings many times, but had never really stopped to read the sign posted in front.  As luck would have it, when I did actually stop to inspect the house a little closer, the chief architect, and future resident, happened to be there to give me a tour.

The house will be entirely self contained; meaning, it does not connect to the cities power grid, water, sewage or gas system.

What surprised me the most is that this isn't legal in most cities. Billings is one of the relatively few cities in America that you could construct such a house. In fact, the collection of rainwater in many cities if forbidden because rain is "owned by the city".  Most city building codes require proper connection to the power, water and sewage as well.  For some reason, Billings has no such laws; although, if many more of these style homes start popping up in the city limits, that may change.

Kris Edwards/Townsquare Media
Kris Edwards/Townsquare Media


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