Folks if you are hunting in the Sun River area, you need to be very careful as wildlife officials are warning folks in the area and people who hunt along the Sun River west of Great Falls that grizzly bears have been hanging out in the area. Fish, Wildlife and Parks Grizzly bear specialist Mike Madel says the sighting near Fort Shaw is the farthest east confirmed sighting of a grizzly on the Sun River.

It’s pretty cool that we have a Grizzly specialist on hand and it made us curious, how does one become a grizzly specialist?  Sounds like a dangerous job to us! Officials are urging residents not to leave pet food or garbage outside and even to take down bird feeders. Oh and one more thing, Madel urged hunters to carry bear spray. Based on the Fort Shaw photos, Madel estimated the grizzly to be 3 to 4 years old and about 300 pounds. That’s a good sized bear!