There’s no crying in baseball. There’s apparently no cursing, either.

Kim Brooks, the athletic director and baseball coach at La Mirada High School, in La Mirada, California, was placed on administrative leave Tuesday after a tape surfaced in which he cursed out his team in a 17-minute rant.

Brooks, who admits that it’s his voice on the tape, says it most likely took place after his team lost a game last month.

Brooks certainly laced into his team:

I’ve been here a long time. I will tell you that was probably the most pathetic (expletive) baseball game I’ve ever seen a group play...If you don’t get it, (expletive) get out. Get the (expletive) out! That’s the way it’s been, and that’s the way it’s gotta be until I (expletive) die. If you don’t like it, it’s easy to transfer.”

He also questioned their dedication and blasted their effort:

If you can’t (expletive) dive for a ball in the infield, (expletive) you! Can’t make a routine play? (Expletive) you! Let somebody else try to make a (expletive) routine play,” Brooks said. “You’re gonna (expletive) (complain) and moan at the (expletive) umpire? … (Expletive) you! Get off the (expletive) mound! I want a man out there. I want men!"

Brooks has apologized for the incident. “My language was inappropriate,” he said. “I was trying to motivate my team after a very poor performance, and I apologize about the language.”

La Mirada begins the postseason with a playoff game on Thursday. It's unclear who will coach the team in Brooks' absence.

You can hear a portion of Brooks' NSFW diatribe below:

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