Members of Montana's Democratic party are voting on changes to the party's platform, according to the Associated Press. One of the amendments is opposing the use of force by police during an arrest. OK, so if you have someone resisting arrest after an assault, domestic violence, drug deal, anything, how are they suppose to get him in custody? If they don't want to be arrested, what do we do? Give us the answer or steps to take. The Associated Press is also reporting that the Montana Democratic party also included an amendment that supports legal pot. That is only going to make a difficult situation even worse if police encounter someone and try to detain or arrest them and they are high. I just don't see how a combative person is going to comply. When you start de-funding and taking the power of the law away it gives the advantage to the perpetrator. I don't know what the reforms are going to be but they are coming. The best solution to me is don't break the law, and be cooperative. Oh, and one more, unions have to stop protecting bad cops and bad teachers. They must go.

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