There are MANY things about Flakesgiving that I really love. But, probably my favorite is parents bringing their kids to help carry or deliver meals. Teaching our youth the right things to do is not as common as you might think. Many parents have their kids come along on deliveries to show them how other people live, and how many families are not as fortunate as theirs is.

When we first started Flakesgiving, we didn't think about people in need who couldn't come get a meal. So, we took names and after the event was over, Paul and I grabbed a burger and drove all over Billings delivering 35-40 meals before we were through.

Now we deliver in excess of 400 meals each year. Thank you, if you're someone who helps us deliver. You are a huge part of making this event what it is.

If you've never been involved with this event before, we'd love to have you join us this Friday or Saturday, 10 a.m. both days.

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