My "Friday Fragments" is meant to be snippets of what happened on the air during our show from that week. And there sure was a lot of great things from this week.

First and foremost is generosity. We are proud that listeners trust us with their money. And we're proud that our listeners are so generous,

The second word is enthusiasm. I wish you could be there inside those trucks with those folks who are moving boxes as fast as they can, or be around the many hands of the school kids who assemble the meals. It's awesome.

Next are the folks who pay it forward. We have had several folks who received meals at some point who had things in their life turn around and are able to either donate or help deliver meals.

Today we assemble all of the meals. If you get the chance to swing by and watch how many kids show up, it's pretty impressive. We move a BUNCH of groceries in a hurry. We start at 10 a.m. and we will have 1500 complete meals all put together and stacked in two semis by 12:15. I know!

Saturday we will deliver somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 meals to those who are unable to come get their own meals. More volunteers are always welcome and you don't have to sign up. Just show up.  And the main giveaway is at noon Saturday.

If you need a meal, come get one. No forms to fill out. Let your conscience be your guide.

Make checks payable to The Flakesgivingg Fund, PO Box 1276, Billings, 59103.

Thanks again to all who donate, make meals and deliver.

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