I had someone ask me if I could narrow any one moment of Flakesgiving down to one. And the short answer is, no. But here are several things that stood out from the weekend.

  • People who brought their kids to help move boxes and deliver.
  • The hugs I got from Kim, Mary, Sandy, and Kymm. All for different reasons.  All richly deserved.
  • I love seeing the people who come back each year to help. The volume of volunteers sure makes this a lot easier to do. I also enjoy the "first-timers"--those who've known about the event for years but are there to actually see it for the first time.
  • The gratitude from the meal recipients who would not have had a holiday meal if it weren't for this event.

I try to thank as many folks as I can, but I didn't get around to everybody. Thank you for supporting this event. Let's do it again next year.

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