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I've struggled with what to do my articles about most of this week. Nothing really jumps out as a topic I feel strongly enough about to spend the time typing it out.

So yesterday I get a text from Mary Baumann. She was my sixth-grade teacher in Great Falls and she sent me several ideas of things that I could write about that she thought people might be interested in.

I still listen when my teachers tell me something. Thanks, Mary.

First suggestion: The most miles that I've driven in one day. Hmm. I'd have to think about that one. Some friends and I once left on a Friday when I got off the air at 10 a.m. and drove to Seattle. Then drove to Portland on Saturday, then Portland to Billings on Sunday, which was somewhere near 1,886 miles, but that was over three days.

My biggest one day jaunt was in 1993 when my buddy Scott and I took a pro sports-themed road trip. We saw a Lakers/Suns game at the Forum. Then we saw a Spurs/Clippers game. The following day was roller-coaster day at Magic Mountain. Then on Monday night, we went to Jack Murphy Stadium for a Monday Night Football game.

We had awesome seats, eleventh row in the end zone. The Raiders were playing the Chargers and we met a lot of colorful characters who were Raiders fans.

The next couple of days we sort of did some sightseeing and not traveling too much. We decided to spend the night at Lake Tahoe and hit some casinos.

We hit the road the next morning bright and early and drove 1004 miles straight through to Billings.

I drank an awful lot of Pepsi that night and almost hit a Buffalo just outside West Yellowstone. Did I mention that we went in November?

Nothing against the fine folks who manufacture the Chevy Camaro, but it's not the best car on snow.

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