While I was on my way to California last week we were driving through the desert region when we came upon a solar farm. By the way, there is more money in solar farms than the other kind.

Anyway, this is a region that probably has more sun than just about anywhere, and it's intense. This field in particular had about a mile of solar panels but what made it different was the tower in front.

As you can see by the picture it magnified the power of the sun and directed it towards all the panels. It was really amazing to see. But I wondered, how many of these fields it would take just to supply power to Los Angeles? California has sued Pacific Gas and Electric for billions, according to an article on CBS News, because of the power line fires, and absolutely would never let coal or any other fossil fuel plant generate electricity.

However, they are the ones always running out of power. Their HOLE state (notice how I spelled whole) would have to be covered with panels and I'm not sure that would do it. Let's make them a deal: keep everyone in California and we'll keep generating your electricity. See ya tomorrow at 5.


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