Apparently there’s a conflict about what a heavy load will do when it goes through a forest. Not to be confused with the age old question about a tree falling in the forest. Can someone please explain the difference to us between the shipment of oil-field equipment that is going through Idaho and a double wide mobile home on I-90? In case you missed the story, the Federal forest administrators have shut down a stretch of US Highway 12 in North Central Idaho to the trucks hauling big and wide loads. The section of highway runs through Lochsa-Clearwater Wild and Scenic River corridor.

The official closure applies to shipments that exceed 16 feet in width, 150 feet in length or take more than 12 hours to travel through the 100 mile stretch of road. Why? Are the trees getting depressed when the big trucks lumber by? Are they too noisy, and bugging the woodland creatures, keeping them awake perhaps?

While in the meantime we have mobile homes being hauled all around the area on the roads. Semi-trucks are rumbling down the roads too….but this 100 mile stretch of road is now closed so a study can be done.

There you go folks…your government at work once again!

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