Even while "social distancing," we're finding many stories of neighbors helping neighbors.

Here's more good news coming out of this COVID-19 outbreak:

Thousands in New York are fostering animals from local shelters to make sure all the furbabies don't have to sit alone during the outbreak.

A 7-year old Maryland kid is using the $600 he had saved up from two birthdays and three Christmases to buy meals and care packages he's handing out to seniors.

Since all the amusement parks are closed, a family in Utah created their own version of "Pirates of the Caribbean" in their home.

A college volleyball team from Canada found out their graduation was cancelled while on a plane ride home, so members of the West Jet Airlines crew staged a make shift graduation ceremony mid-flight.

A Texas couple who had to cancel their wedding last minute, donated all of their flowers to an assisted-living center in San Antonio. CLICK HERE to read this heartwarming story.

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CLICK HERE for a comprehensive list of coronavirus resources and updates.

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