More inspiring stories keep showing up around the world, and we'll keep bringing them to you. From a school choir in Arizona who kept the music alive, to three "Golden Girls" in the U.K. who are riding out the crisis together.

Here are some Good News stories to keep your spirits up:

19 members of the Chino Valley USD Chamber Singers didn't let social distancing keep them from an inspiring performance of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

Christmas Lights are starting to go back up as people all over the country try to spread a little cheer. Chad Dyer said on Twitter, "Our Christmas lights are on and they will stay on until we all get through this."

Pam Swan put her lights back up because "it's what I need right now"

Doreen Burns, Carol Spark and Dotty Robinson are three elderly women from the U.K. who have been riding out the crisis together in their apartment with Netflix and wine. Many have nicknamed them "The Golden Girls."

A Massachusetts woman, celebrating her 100th birthday in a nursing home, was serenaded by friends and family from outside of her window. CLICK HERE to watch this heartwarming story.

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